Blue Mountain Flavors is excited to announce the opening of our new 38,000 sq. ft dry blending and R&D facility adjacent to our existing factory in Kinston, NC. The new facility enables Blue Mountain to offer you all of our products in both liquid and dry forms to better serve your specific application needs. High volumes of dry or liquid flavors needed? With our state of the art, high throughput dry blend facility, we can provide you with quality, uniform products regardless of your flavor needs!

Want to work on perfecting your flavor systems at our facility? Our customers are invited to come work alongside our lab technicians in our new culinology lab, so come smell what’s cooking! This laboratory space gives us the opportunity to work with you to optimize our flavor components in your finished products. There are a number of advantages for you to work directly with us:

  • Refining your new product concepts
  • Develop and screen unusual flavors for line extensions
  • Optimize final formulations quickly
  • Extremely cost effective and efficient R&D


While the focus of Blue Mountain has been our savory flavor systems, we have greatly expanded our product lines to meet your needs. Whether you are trying to create a tantalizing chili lime tofu or improve the flavor of your habanero chicken tenders, we bring our expertise to the table. Since opening our culinology lab, Blue Mountain Flavors has recently developed a broad spectrum of unique flavors and flavor combinations tailored for specific applications. Some examples of these recent flavor applications include:

  • Microwaveable meats/meals
  • Tofu and other soy products
  • Chips and crackers
  • Breadings and dry coatings
  • Hummus, cream cheese, and other dips
  • Chocolate and other sweets